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Our Fabulous Dinner Party

On March 12th, I hosted a dinner party for my Sunday School class. This was to be the culmination of our Etiquette Lessons. The Grande Event of the season, so to speak. J I’d also invited the single gals in our church who had been in Sister Pace’s etiquette class years ago. We wanted to see how much they had retained! Invited as my honored guests were Sister Pace herself, as well as Estrella, our youth leader’s wife.
While I’d love to say the dinner went off without a hitch, I’d be…well, I’d be lying. No pretty way to put that! But the evening was amazing and I was so proud of my girls! We missed Alex and Paola (two of the girls) but the rest of us had enough fun for them. ;)
My “crew” was amazing. Amazing! Rhonda was in the kitchen, doing what she does best. The girls LOVE it when she prepares the “snack” for us on Sunday mornings so I figured; why not have her be our chef? And best of all, she stayed within budget. For what may be the first time of her life, ya’ll. To God be the glory. Okay, now my servers?! After outfitting a couple with the proper duds, they looked dignified and perfect for the occasion. Props to Jay and Joel for getting my music together, last minute, after I forgotten about it! My cousins rock. Truly. (Yes, I’d completely forgotten about the music, Jen. Now the girls get to see behind the scenes of the dinner! Lol) Arsenio and Simon agreed so kindly to assist in serving and I’m grateful! My servers kinda turned thuggish at the end (you’ll see what I mean when you look at the photos) but I loved every minute of it. Nancy and Mom were the chef’s assistants and I’m told they were marvelous. Of course they were. That’s how they roll. Oh, I almost forgot! My engineer! Father made my room divider! After cruising the aisles at Home Depot (I’d told him what I wanted) and checking prices, viola! $40 later, my amazing room divider! (FYI – it’s the white sheet curtained wall in the photos below.

Last but not least, my photographer. Thank you, Albert. It would NOT have been as special for all of us if you had not flown to Dallas to stare at us through the lenses of your “knife”, and flash us while we stuffed our faces with soup. Then shrimp. Then salad. Then pasta. And cheeeeeeeesecake. 
Oh, my.

I have to add this in here. If I were to give anyone special props, I’d give all my peonies and stars and tiaras to Jen. You will never know what you did for me when you came at 2 am-ish. I love you more than you will ever know. Thank you for listening and letting me cry on the phone and coming to my rescue. You were my knight(ess) in satin armor.


Well, it would have been really cute…! 
I love my girls! We are learning and growing together and the journey has been fun!


Sophisticate meets South Dallas. 

No Menzies affair is complete without a speech or two. 

Or 4.


My maƮtre D extraordinaire.
When he goes back to just being Jared.

Thank you, everyone. My heart is truly blessed.